Social Robot Review

So we know Social Robot by Joshua Zamora works for YouTube but does it work for posts?

social robotIn this case study I will do just that using the socialrobot I purchased myself.  As a bonus you can get my own list or urls.

Here is a article about SEO for all of you.

How To Use SEO To Your Advantage

With the proper tool, you will be able to efficiently increase web traffic through optimization of your website.

When adding SEO to your page during setup, it pays to have lots of shorter pieces on related topics instead of a single long one. Long pages are weighted less and short ones weigh more.

Additional advertising doesn’t typically boost search engine ranking.

After determining the optimal keywords for your website, be sure to place them in the title of your web page. Your title should be attention-grabbing and relevant to your content, but choose carefully, since it’s the first thing a visitor will see when deciding whether to visit your site. This will cause your site to be clicked on keywords and search results.

A site map can help you bring more traffic to your search engine ranking.A site map helps make your site are linked.

Include quality keywords in each page’s URL.

Many believe that simply including keywords in their comment tags will make a more visible site.

A site map which has your keywords. Site maps are great ways for search engine optimization.

People think this is automatically done.Check back periodically to ensure that your site is still there and being found.

Captions are important to the SEO tool.For example, if photos or newspaper articles are abundant on your site, add captions that are relevant to your keyword; you will soon see more traffic.

You will help your SEO a boost by using links to relevant and reputable sites. This should be a fundamental part of information. Search engines will rank off-site links more than the internal links that are in your own website. To maximize your rank, find linking options that will also link to your website.

Because you have taken the time to read this article, you can now look at your website and see if anything needs to be changed. Use the information that you have read here to make your website better.